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Subject:The pendant
Time:12:11 pm
The cold was all Dora could feel. The cold of the air around her exposed, almost naked body, the cold metal of the hand cuffs around her wrists and the cold stare of Arthur looking down on her.
Dora shivered slightly, reminding herself not to struggle, not to give him the pleasure.

Dora could barely remember how she had ended up here. An image of her lover, beautiful Barbara, tears making her brown eyes seem so bright, shoving a pendant necklace into Dora's hands. Then Barbara was gone. Gone where? Somehow, in the dark days that had followed, Dora had taken the pendant into her chest, into her heart. How could Dora have known it was stolen? She hand't known anything except that her world had been turned upside down.

A small smile played on Erik's lips as he stretched his body, lithe and muscled over her, dragging his tongue along her neck.
"You are mine Dora."
These were words Dora had heard in a thousand day dreams. Yet she was so cold and the dream wasn't turning out as she had before imagined it would.
"I will break your heart and have my soul back, little one." Erik said.
Hi bit her hard on her lower lip.
Dora went to speak but he placed a finger to her lips.
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Time:01:09 am
Theme: Bondage
This is my first go at this, I hope its alright!


He was very handsome, from what little Miriam had seen of him. Now she didn't see much of anything as she laid spread eagle on the hotel bed her hands and feet bound and her eyes momentairly blinded with a silky scarf.

As she laid there, her body taunt with anticpation she struggled to remeber how she had gotten here. A quiet secratary by day, this brough a smile to her lips, if only her co-workers knew what Mariam did during the nights...

There was a sound, and since she had lost the sense of sight all others were hightened to it. Taking a breath she forced herself to relax. Just Breathe she told herself half suspecting this anticapation was part of the "game"

At night she prowled the internet looking for something to fullfill her "needs" by brief encounters in various chatrooms still left her wanton, so she took the next step, and what it step it was to agree to meet for an annymous encounter at "The happy Trails" Motel in, In room #17. Hopefully 17 would not be a number should not soon forget...
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Time:06:54 pm
OOC: More goodness for you all. Don't be afraid to start a new post or comment. Think free, peoples!

And now, some atypical high fantasy goodness...

"I don't want to marry whatever excuse for a princess you drag up this time, father." The young man sighed in exasperation, long blonde hair twisted in an elaborate knot that hung down to his midsection easily. "I'm much happier single."

"Our country needs a queen." The elderly king muttered. "It wouldn't do. What with the way the elves are going on about their business... we cannot afford to fall against the elves' snobbery. They will go on living. So must our royal line."

The prince Shardik turned, retiring to his room. "GoodNIGHT, father." The slam of the door behind him accompanied by the crunch of glass.

"That boy will be the death of me..." The king spat, striding away along the lush carpet... little did he know that in his son's quarters there was another force...


The prince waited for a full ten seconds, counting the time. Then he grinned. "Al'lia?"

A sensual voice replied, cold, calm, collected, yet with a hint of mirth to it. "What would your father say if he knew you were housing an elf in your room?"

"Something bad, maybe." Shardik smirked. "He could even have you executed."

"I like to tempt fate..." The drow elf slipped from the shadow, wrapping her arms around the prince from behind. "For tonight, anyway."
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Subject:(first post) genre: normal
Time:11:32 pm
OOC: Whee, fresh new community! Remember, adults only. Want to join? Remember to READ THE RULES before any hasty decisions! Now onto the good stuff...


David moped around the communal lounge, in a grouchy mood. He hadn't had much sleep last night; the report that had needed to be in by the morning had been done, albeit at four AM. Only to find out that it wasn't in for another week or so. He sighed. Suits the life.

Shaking his head, he idly ran a hand through his tousled brown hair, again wondering if it would look better if he gelled the affair. Then he looked at the calendar and cursed.

"Sunuva-! Valentine's Day next Monday!" He said to himself. Man oh man was he pathetic. An entire year and still no girlfriend. He expelled a breath and popped a beer, slowly drowning his sorrows in alcohol a drop at a time. Probably just another night spent here watching porn and drinking himself stupid...

He watched the luminous screen as it launched into a typical high-quality DVD image of two girls making out with each other, a redhead and a blonde. The blonde was moaning; although David had muted the sound, he could tell from her flushed expression and her wide, gaping mouth that she was voicing her ecstacy in the most primitive of ways. As he watched, the redhead sunk down between the other girl's knees to lap at her core-

He suddenly realized how hard he was and hated himself for it.

One of the doors to the communal lounge suddenly began to creak open. David's heart rate spiked up as he desperately fumbled for the off switch on the TV. There was no hiding his erection, however, and it was almost painfully obvious to whoever would come through that door...
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